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Officine Meccaniche Zanetti
is located in a strategic position in terms of logistics and export

It’s situated, in fact, near the airports of Verona (~ 60km) and Venice (~ 75km), just over an hour from the ports of Venice, Monfalcone and Trieste, a few minutes away from the Trieste-Venice-Milan highway, and 60km from the Verona’s hub that connects to Northern Europe – a confirmation of our international vocation.

  • First informational contact  
  • Feasibility study
  • Engineering – Custom programming 
  • Project definition and implementation 
  • Definition of our offer and contract
  • Production planning
  • Procurement of certified raw materials                                  
  • Production
  • Tests and inspections 
  • Packaging and shipping
  • After-sales support 

By your side every step of the way.




A team of draftsmen, technicians and engineers collects your ideas and proceeds to a first internal feasibility analysis; in case of a positive outcome, the team moves forward with the evaluation of every proposed project, analyzing and simulating in detail the design characteristics first, then the different processing technologies, with the use of CAD-CAM devices in their possession. During this evaluation, the realization of the components and their processing cycles in all the different NC machines are simulated, all to be subjected to the client’s final approval. If the project is approved and moves forward, all the documentation is passed to the production programming team for the ultimation of the NC programs for our machines.

Within the team, there are also quality control engineers that, in total synergy with technicians, engineers and programmers, make up a highly trained and specialized team.

Our approach and vision, therefore, is very clear: starting from specific needs and projects, we study and develop the most suitable solutions, creating components and assemblies that are highly performing and functional, accompanying you at every step.




Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) refers to the use of numerical control software (NC) for the generation of detailed instructions for the command of numerically controlled machine tools for the processing of parts.

In its broadest sense, the CAD-CAM integrated design system refers to the use of applications that allow to:

  • Define an overall work plan for the design of tools and fixture equipment;
  • Prepare the CAD models;
  • Programming the numerical controls;
  • Realistically simulate the processing, checking for possible collisions, choosing the best tool, studying the positioning of the workpiece.

Through a consolidated team of draftsmen and programmers who use a CAD/CAM software, Officine Zanetti is able to simulate all the machining processes that, starting from raw materials, allow to complete the finished product according to the customer’s specifications. Thus, the customer can watch his idea take shape and tangibility, and our programmers are able to customize the designs according to each unique design.

In this software, by entering the solid raw model to be used, the type of machining, tool geometry and parameters, you can:

  • Maximize the efficiency of the material removal process, to the advantage of lower cost and less environmental impact;
  • Realize a well-defined production plan, which guarantees punctuality and respect of delivery terms;
  • Verification of the final result of the processing inserted in relation to the tolerances required by the customer, avoiding positioning and/or collision errors;
  • Optimize the planning and exploitation of the entire machines fleet.

Thanks to the direct connection with our machine fleet through an integrated software, the information is transmitted in a simple, immediate, and precise way, and allows constant monitoring of each process.

Our value added is, therefore, in the ability of our professionals to support and assist the customer in the design and setting of the work to be performed, through experience, expertise and a continuous search for technological innovation.



Choice and purchase
of certified raw materials

The choice in terms of raw materials is pivotal and fundamental for an optimal and quality outcome.

In case of a supply of a finished component or assembled group, Officine Zanetti also deals with the definition and procurement of raw materials to be processed, solely looking for quality materials, which are provided by our network of verified and trusted suppliers, with whom we have worked in total synergy, and who have proven us, over the years, their reliability, competence, and quality. All our processed materials are either forged or rolled, and manufactured, for the most part, in our territory, reducing logistic and management costs. We mainly process stainless steel, alloy steels, carbon steel, aluminum, duplex, and bronze.

The material’s procurement is synchronized with our production, where its requirements and times dictate the rate of acquisition of the same; this system allows us to program in advance the delivery of the material, reducing costs and storage time.

Each material supply order we commission to our suppliers’ base is accompanied by several certifications required by the customer or suggested by us, such as chemical tests (CT), hardness tests (HT), mechanical heat treatment tests (TT), Ultrasonic tests (UT) and final dimensional tests, all according to current regulations. We are therefore committed to search for and find the most suitable raw materials for the processing required by the customer, after checking the conformity to the project provided by them.

By your side every step of the way.



Overlay Welding

Overlay welding, also known as cladding, is a process that consists in the longitudinal of circumferential deposit of metal materials on an also metal surface, via a submerged arc welding machine; the aim is to allow the surface of a said component not to “succumb” to excessive wear, whether it is abrasion, friction, or corrosion. The advantages of this practice are the following:

  • It prolongs the life of the components themselves;
  • It eliminates the need to replace components;
  • It increases the level of productivity and efficiency;
  • It reduces costs and expenses

Therefore, the execution of this operation is carried out in the event that you want to extend the life cycle of parts or components, in the case of refurbishment of worn components, to improve performance and finally to make surfaces of components and parts more resistant.



inspection, and functioning tests

In order to be able to respond to the increasingly high needs and targets of our customers, Officine Zanetti has acquired the necessary skills and the right experience in assembling. Once a product or a series of components are completed, we assure our customers the possibility to conduct the assembly of a complete group and to perform testing and functioning tests, in order to verify the proper performance and service of each single component, be it in our headquarters under the supervision of the end user, or in situ.

When required, the installation of our processed components or groups at their destination involves the presence of our engineers and technicians who supervise the assembling and testing phases required by the customer, introducing staff to the rules of its operation: production capacity, management aspects and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Therefore, the delivery of an assembled and tested product, ready for its final installation, makes us the ideal partner for your ideas.



Special Packaging

Working with large components, it is imperative to guarantee customers a packaging service for shipments that can protect the output and its wholeness. Each work, being always different from the previous ones, requires a customized and made-to-measure packaging, able to preserve the integrity; be it sea freight or by land (truck or train), OMZ guarantees the maximum protection and care to each customer. Our engineers study, design and elaborate customized packaging systems that best meet the necessary integrity requirements to ensure the arrival at your final destination in the best possible condition, avoiding any damage due to impact or exposure to chemical agents.

The packaging is therefore studied and cared for in every detail, and customized for each order, also based on the type of vessel used for transport, whether via air, land or sea; foam mats (i.e. Propaflex), VCI protectives and films, salt barrier bags, wooden saddles, discs, panels and crates allow us to safely ship every order, in Italy as abroad.



After-sale assistance Maintenance/Revamping

We assist you at every stage of the project, thus our contribution does not end with the delivery of the finished product to its final destination; our personalized support is assured even in the after-sale, guaranteeing the customer a 360° assistance, ensured by the expertise and know-how of our employees. This makes us not only a supplier, but also a truly effective, involved, and dependable partner. We provide customers our support during the project installation, the start-up phase and maintenance throughout its entire lifecycle; in particular, we support our customers with interventions of refurbishment/revamping, which is a mechanical restructuring of components or assembled groups through operations that allow to extend their production life and better their performance and endurance. The first step is represented by an attentive feasibility study and performance analysis by our engineers; if the revamping is deemed feasible, they proceed with the project development, with a constant collaboration and mediation with our clients. After its approval, we can proceed with the re-processing of the worn-out components and the potential processing of new ones, which are then subject to the necessary tests and quality control.

This maintenance and refurbishment service is also offered to components and assemblies not provided by our workshop; after a feasibility study based on your projects and drawings, by our engineers and project managers, and its positive outcome, we will be your partner in bringing your assemblies or components back to their initial stage, guaranteeing their initial performance and functionality levels once again.
Whether it is more commonly the refurbishment or revamping of rolls, cylinders and shafts, or the more complex revamping of complete axis lines or assembled groups, we will be by your side until the very end.

For any info or quotation, please contact the sales department

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