Components for
nuclear plants


Components for
nuclear plants

A nuclear plant is and industrial complex that exploit nuclear energy and transforms it into electrical and thermal energy; these plants present one or two nuclear reactors that, exploiting the energy produced during nuclear reactions, warm up heat transfer fluids. After their exit from the reactor, they are transformed into high-temperature steam, through a thermodynamic cycle. This steam will be used to move the turbines of the plant’s power generator; this generation of steam makes nuclear plants similar to power plants.

The steam that comes out of the generator’s turbines will have to return to the liquid state, through a cooling system, thanks to a condenser that, using a refrigerant fluid, allows the steam to return to its liquid state.

Components for
nuclear plants


Nuclear plants are usually located close to large lakes, rivers or seas, so as to allow the recycling of large quantities of water and their direct return to the surrounding environment; alternatively, they can also be placed inland and, not having large masses of water available, they use a closed cooling cycle where the cooled water is returned to the source basin.

By 2020, the energy produced from transformed nuclear energy accounts for about 10% of global electricity production and is the second lowest carbon emission after hydropower.

Officine Zanetti, as a mechanical workshop, processes and supplies volutes/pump casings, diffusers, burners, and components for cooling systems.

These being components of high importance within plants that require the most absolute precision, our volutes and pump bodies will be supplied with the installation of water guide pipes and after having verified their functioning through pressure tests.

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